chapter  6
Finding the theme
WithDavid Landau, David Bennett Carren
Pages 9

Every film and television show, every story ever created by man, contains a theme; a message, notion, or concept that addresses some element of life, society, or human nature. This central idea can be primitive and direct or complex and rich, but it will always be present in any story no matter the manner in which the author approaches it. The more substantial and defined the intention a writer brings to the development of their script’s theme, the stronger and more effective it will be. In this chapter, we will examine the recognizable and accessible themes in both the lightest of comedies, The Birdcage, and the darkest of tragedies, The Three Burials of Melquideas Estrada. The shared themes of western and horror films will be analyzed as well. Finally we will consider the obviously stated or naked theme as is dramatized in the first season of the unique television project, True Detective.