chapter  VIII
Illumination through Anguish
WithHelmut Kuhn
Pages 23

The solution of the Jewish-Kantian crisis, according to Hegel’s early theological writings, is brought about by Love incarnate in Christ. Through Love, life, torn asunder, is healed and made one. The feud between law and mutinous flesh is reconciled in the divine Mediator. Hegel’s idea of crisis centers upon the polarity of disintegration and redintegration. The symptom of crisis is a painful lack of unity so that restoration will be looked forward to as a synthesis. The Existentialist repudiates the claims of disinterested contemplation, and to that extent he must reverse the tendency of epoche. The methodological disengagement of epoche is supplanted with tragic alienation culminating in the drama of crisis. The Existentialist world, like creation in metaphysics, is temporality, not, however, as the “moving likeness of eternity” but as the externalization of “ek-static” existence.