chapter  1
A Dividing Line
WithC. D. Foster
Pages 4

Television Authority, the Air Transport Licensing Board, as well as many municipal public enterprises, the regional hospital boards and many mixed enterprises. There are other semi-independent public corporations and agencies, whose number seems to grow whatever Government is in power. Statutorily, nationalized industries are the creations, the creatures, of Parliament and they are responsible ultimately to it. The Boards of the nationalized industries have always been meant to have a considerable independence. In coming to an opinion they interviewed Ministers and their civil servants, Chairmen of the Boards of several nationalized industries and some of their officials, as well as independent experts. Since nationalized industries are the creations of Parliament, how the Select Committee believes the triangular relationships should be interpreted is of the first importance. There has been more public understanding of the issues as they affect nationalized industries and also a long history of discussion.