chapter  11
The Politicization of Administration
WithC. D. Foster
Pages 11

Some forms of regional government that have been proposed would mean increasing the likelihood of inefficiencies and inequities. Another possibility of increasing politicization would be to make it not unusual for a Minister to get rid of existing Board appointees and to make his own appointments. Although there are cases where one man, or several, put in at the top of an organization, has been able to transform it, they seem rare; and it is far from clear that the politicization of appointments policy would make success more common. When there was a change of administration, there would be an expectation that Board Members would offer their resignations. Some would be accepted; and some of the Minister’s men would be appointed. However, what has been outlined so far can hardly be described as a politicization of the administrative process, except by the most enthusiastic believers in the practical independence of the Boards.