chapter  Chapter XII
The Lessons of Thirty Years
WithEdward R. Pease
Pages 23

The Fabian Society was founded for the purpose of reconstructing Society in accordance with the highest moral possibilities. This is still the most accurate and compendious description of its object and the nature of its work. The Fabian Society freed English Socialism from this intellectual bondage, and freed it sooner and more completely than “Revisionists” have succeeded in doing anywhere else. The Fabians regarded Socialism as a principle already in part embodied in the constitution of society, gradually extending its influence because it harmonised with the needs and desires of men in countries where the large industry prevails. Fabian teaching has had more direct influence in promoting the administrative protection of Labour. The influence of the Fabian Society on political thought is already the theme of doctoral theses by graduates, especially in American universities, but it has not yet found much place in weightier compilation.