chapter  Chapter II
The Foundations of the Society: 1883–4
WithEdward R. Pease
Pages 9

The idea of founding a community abroad was generally discredited, and it was generally recognised that it would not be possible to establish here in England any independent community. The proceedings at the fortnightly meetings, recorded in the first minute book of the Society in the handwriting of Percival Chubb, were as follows:— “The New Life” The first general meeting of persons interested in this movement was held at Mr. Pease’s rooms, 17 Osnaburgh Street, Regent’s Park, on Wednesday the 24th October, 1883. The appointment of a chairman was proposed, and Mr. Pease was appointed. It was suggested that resolutions should be passed constituting a society, and, as far as those present were concerned, designating its objects. Some exception was taken to this course as being an undesirable formality not in harmony with the free spirit of the undertaking, but meeting with general approval it was followed.