chapter  Chapter IX
The Episode of Mr. Wells: 1906–8
WithEdward R. Pease
Pages 22

The long controversy introduced by Mr. H. G. Wells attracted much public attention to the Fabian Society, added greatly to its numbers, and for a time made it more of a popular institution than it had been before or has been since. But, in fact, its main permanent interest arises from the persons who played the leading parts. The history of the Fabian motto was made use of to enforce the view that victory can only be gained by straight fighters like Scipio, whilst Fabius, however successful at first, ended his career as a stumbling-block to progress. “The Executive Committee,” says” Fabian News,” “was of opinion that a large Committee including both the Executive and an equal number of unofficial members should be appointed. The Report of the Committee is a much less inspiring document than the irresponsible and entertaining “Faults of the Fabian.”