The younger generation
WithAlfred H. Barr
Pages 6

“Younger generation” is not perhaps an apt title for paragraphs on the work of men most of whom are in their thirties and mature masters of their art. Most of the younger men were members of the Abstraction-Creation group which flourished in Paris during the early ’30s, uniting under its banner both the abstract geometrical traditions of Holland and Russia and the abstract non-geometrical traditions of Expressionism and Surrealism. Outside of Paris abstract art continues to gain adherents among the younger generation in most European countries. The leaders of the younger generation, the sculptors George L. K. Moore and William Nicholson, have participated actively in the international movement. The work of Moore and Nicholson illustrates the opposite poles of the contemporary abstract movement, the geometrical and the non-geometrical or biomorphic. The exhibition of American abstract art at the John Hay Whitney Museum of American Art in 1935, though conceived in a retrospective spirit, included the work of many younger men.