chapter  12
Operational Requirements
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ECDIS – Procedural and organisational considerations Navigating with ECDIS is fundamentally different from navigating with paper charts. The table below lists a range of bridge work-processes that are affected by changing to an ECDIS system, and which may require that procedures are amended or developed. The table includes some points for analysis and consideration. It is not implied that all items mentioned should result in corresponding written procedures, nor is it implied that the list in any way is conclusive. Voyage Planning – Voyage Planning is different on an ECDIS compared to a paper chart. There are a number of

available features, such as safety contours, alarms, click-and-drop facilities for waypoints and markers, etc. While it is still possible to make errors in Voyage Plans (VPs) they are likely to be different in type from the errors most frequently observed on paper charts. Consideration should be given to developing a “best practice” for ECDIS VPs.