chapter  17
From Standard Tanacetum parthenium Extract to a Stabilized Derivative of Parthenolide: Studies in Animal Models of Pain
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The popularity of medicinal herbs has developed signicantly in recent years and several reports have focused their interest on mechanisms of action of several antiin¤ammatory herbs, such as sesquiterpene lactones. Natural compounds or compounds derived from natural leads can be used in the treatment of in¤ammatory processes. Tanacetum parthenium (TP), or feverfew, member of the Asteraceae family, is a phytomedicine that has become very popular since the 1980s to treat in¤ammatory conditions and migraine (Awang, 1989; Johnson et al., 1990). TP contains sesquiterpene lactones, ¤avonoid glycosides, inenes and other compounds (see Table 17.1) (Bohlman and Zdero, 1982; Hobbs, 1989; Hendriks et al., 1996).