chapter  3
Ethnopharmacological Approaches Used to Identify Medicinal Plants
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Plant-derived drugs have played an important role in the health and wellness benets. Traditional practice may include psychological, spiritual, and cultural elements, as well as medical elements. Despite the increasing use of herbal medicines, there is still a signicant lack of research data in this eld. A survey of the literature revealed that the plant has been recommended for use in various traditional systems of medicine for the treatment of diseases. It is becoming increasingly evident that herbs and botanicals are benecial to the human health. Of particular interests are analgesic and in¤ammatory properties. There are a number of published articles medicinal plants selected by WHO (2007), or plant-derived activities may function as an analgesic and anti-in¤ammatory agent. A large number of researches have determined the degree of clinical support for the traditional use or folklore medicines. Such evidence is important to determine whether there is a sufcient scientic data for their use to cure the diseases. However, we were still unclear which plant extracts worked like a clinical analgesic and anti-in¤ammatory agent.