chapter  16
Ethnopharmacology of Acanthus ilicifolius Linn.
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Acanthus ilicifolius (sea holly) is found in tropical Asia and Africa, from Malaya to Polynesia. It is a viny shrub or tall herb, upto 1.5 m high, scarcely woody, bushy, with very dense growth. Shallow tap roots, but occasionally stilt roots are conspicuous. Leaf simple, opposite, decussate, cauline, exstipulate, petiole short, fl attened, glabrous, pulvinous to sheathing base. Flower bisexual, typically zygomorphic, complete, erect, sessile, hypogynous. Fruit 1 cm green and 2.5-2.0 cm long, kidney shaped 4 seed drupe, Seed 0.5-1.0 cm long.