chapter  5
Self-Field Theory: A Mathematical Model of Physics
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The case has been made for self-field theory as a new mathematical

description of physics applying across the known frontiers of

physics from sub-photon to multiverse. This chapter looks at where

current science sits at the start of the 21st century and then looks

towards the future of science in the light of self-field theory. In

general self-field theory gives mankind a new mathematics that

makes current quantum theories outdated, although these theories

can bemodified to become self-field theory analytic tools to apply to

the tasks of the future. Self-field theory is compatible with relativity

and in the main with the results of current quantum theories. By

using a new bi-spinorial model for relativistic electromagnetic (EM)

interactions Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle (HUP) is obviated.

The seeds of a new analytic era of atomic and nuclear chemistry

are visible including the composite photon, phonon, and gluon

allowing the quark to be used to model protons and neutrons. New

insights of crystal behaviour are apparent including a proposed

solution to the double slit phenomenon. EPR (Einstein, Podolsky,

Rosen) too becomes less “spooky” and more about coherent atomic

structures within crystal lattices bound by photonic bonds. Such

bonds may be due to the two new quantum numbers predicted

by self-field theory to be associated with the photon in its role as

binding agent. These concepts allow further insight into planetary

behaviour including earthquakes, plate tectonics, ionospheric layers,

and magnetic flips and permit understanding of the way lightning,

wind, and thunder are produced by temperature drops within cloud

formations. In this era of global warming scientific knowledge will

be invaluable. Energy production via fusion engineering is already

destined to emerge reducing the imperative for populations to dwell

in overpopulated cities. Resonance exposures of the cells of both

healthy and unhealthy tissues and organs may emerge to challenge

the use of surgery or chemical modes of medical therapy. While the

20th century was often an era of “dirty” technology self-field theory

may allow the 21st century to be based on cleaner technologies.

A new science that is able to model physics down to the photonic

level will be a more people friendly tool for the future where the

environment, communities, houses, and people will be protected

from hazardous levels of exposure to photonic emissions.