chapter  12
SPR: An Industrial Point of View
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After the first SPR instrument was introduced 1990 by Pharmacia Biosensor AB under the name of Biacore, a range of analytical

systems conceived around the same principle have been built. The commercial market for SPR is competitive and SPR instruments are available from various manufacturers. Among all the relevant actors of the market (if I forget any,

I ask to be forgiven, the purpose here being to show, although partially, the diversity of solutions that have been developed), Biacore dominates the SPR market and has set the standards serving as reference for all other instrument manufacturers. The BI-SPR of Biosensing Instruments (BI, Temple, AZ, USA) uses an innovative method to detect the SPR angle, key to the high performance of the instrument. The proteomic processor of Lumera (Bohell, WA, USA) uses SPR microscopy in which a beam of light is directed onto a spot of a microarray allowing the monitoring of thousands of spots simultaneously.