chapter  3
Biophysics of DNA: DNA Melting Curve Analysis with Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging
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The chapter is organized as follows. In Section 1.2, we present the SPRi apparatus temperature regulation and discuss the constraints brought by the high temperatures on signal detection and grafting chemistries. Then, various examples of DNA melting curves analysis are presented to illustrate the interest of temperature-controlled scans coupled to SPRi detection. In Section 1.3, we particularly lay emphasis on two physico-chemical studies of DNA hybridization on solid support like microarrays: the effects of formamide denaturant on DNA melting temperatures and the screening by the salt concentration of the electrostatic penalty. In Section 1.4, we present preliminary results in view of the multiple detection of SNP in biological samples. Finally, Section 1.5 presents

In this section, we describe the modifications involved for temperature regulation of a SPRi apparatus from GenOptics commercialized by Horiba Jobin Yvon (see Fig. 3.1 for the scheme of the device).