chapter  4
Feasibility of Eco-industrial Synergies
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If the existence of information regarding the possibility of a synergy between two companies is a necessary condition for the synergy to be created at some point in time, it is however not suffi cient. To know that company A uses, as a raw material, a fl ow of the same nature that company B discards, does not guarantee that it will be economically benefi cial, nor that a pollutant in the rejected fl ow will not render it technically or regulatory unusable. In fact, many interactions between the two entities (which belong to the production and distribution territorial sub-system) and their socio-economic environment come into play. A substantial number of interactions between the territorial and devolved authorities and the production and distribution sites can for example be related to the application of regulations by the devolved authorities (in France for example: DRIRE, DDASS, DDA24). These interactions can also result from applied pressure by the citizens to the local councilors regarding industrial risks situated close to residential zones.