chapter  9
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Methods for controlling nanosilicon particle size

In all studies, nc-Si showed a large width of the luminescence peak (halfwidth is typically in the range 200-300 meV), which can not be lowered even by measurement at very low temperature (Takeoka et al, 2000). This shows that the width of the luminescence peak in the systems of the nc-Si particles is determined mainly by the inhomogeneity of the material and the spread of the crystallite size. A team of researchers (Sychugov et al, 2005) were the first to measure on a single Si nanocrystal photoluminescence at low temperatures. They have convincingly shown that each Si nanocrystal gives a very narrow photoluminescence peak (half-width of the peak at 35 K is several meV), similar to atomic radiation, and the broadening observed in conventional measurements on ensembles of nc-Si is due to the scatter of the dimensions and differences in the shape of particles.