chapter  2
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The Rules

C hapter 2 The R ules 2.1 r / s Lotteries A ccording to A lexander H am ilton , th e first Secretary of th e T rea­ su ry of the U nited S ta tes , a successful lo tte ry m ust have two basic charac teristics: sim plicity and low -priced tickets (see Sulli­ van, 1972, p. 7). Of course, sim plicity is im p o rtan t because the schem e has to be easily un dersto o d by p rospective p a rtic ip an ts . Low -priced tickets are also essential in o rder to encourage people to p a rtic ip a te . In short, the goal is to presen t Tew er obstacles betw een hope and g ra tifica tion” (see Sullivan, 1972, p. 10).