chapter  2
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Creating a User Interface

In this chapter, we cover mainly two things: creating a user interface and the procedure of digitally signing applications and subsequently installing them on emulators and Android devices. A brief outline of the topics covered in this chapter is given below:

◾ Getting data through a text box ◾ Getting user’s choice through checkboxes and radio buttons ◾ Displaying options through drop-down lists ◾ Implementing navigation ◾ Introducing debugging capabilities ◾ Creating a keystore and digitally signing the Android application ◾ Installing applications on the emulator and device

Before we explore PhoneGap’s capability to access and interact with mobile device hardware, let us first learn to create applications that interact with the user. User interaction is required to get feedback from the user and to fetch the data to process. We will also learn how event listeners can be associated with Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) elements.