chapter  12
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Magnetic Domain Wall Dynamics in Co- Rich Glass- Covered Microwires

In order to compare the measurement by the Kerr effect-based system, the classical Sixtus-Tonks setup was used. Two pickup coils are separated by 6 cm. More details of the system can be found in [1]. The measurements were performed on the amorphous glass-coated microwire of the composition Co68Mn7Si15B10. The microwire was 10 cm long, with the diameter of metallic nucleus of 8 μm and total diameter of 20 μm. This microwire has very low but positive magnetostriction. It is just high enough to show magnetic bistability. It shows magnetic bistability in the temperature range from low temperature up to 350 K. Above this temperature, the magnetic bistability disappears. This wire was chosen due to its low anisotropy (which results from its low magnetostriction) that guarantees low domain wall damping and therefore high domain wall velocity.