chapter  15
Chain Saw Machines
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Chain saw machines are used for the extraction of natural (dimensional) stones such as travertine and marble. They are used for cutting low-to medium-abrasive and soft-to medium-strength natural stones in both underground and surface quarrying operations, as well as in squaring operations. They cut relatively thin slots vertically or horizontally and are usually used in combination with diamond wire-cutting machines (Primavori 2006). Adding only one chain saw to the equipment fleet, in addition to diamond wire-cutting machines, improves the overall performance of a midsize quarry by about 20% (Copur et al. 2006). They eliminate time losses and labor for drilling boreholes for wire insertion when using with diamond wire-cutting machines, especially in high benches more than 6-7 m (eliminate collimation problems). They reduce production and time losses due to their ability of sumping horizontally or vertically to enter a new bench. They result in a directly saleable stone. They create an excellent working environment (regular and planar surfaces) for quarrying. They produce less dust and waste material compared to diamond-wire cutting machines (Sariisik and Sariisik 2010). The basic limitation of these machines is that they cannot cut hard, abrasive, and fractured stone deposits.