chapter  11
Immunosuppressive Therapy of Crohn 's Disease: A Historical Perspective
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Defined therapeutic goals were achieved in 68% of patients. The major successes included (a) elimination of steroids (66%, p < 0.001), (b) healing of internal fistulas and abscesses or improvement by elimination of discharge and tenderness (64%, p < 0.05), and (c) healing or improvement by elimination of pain, tenderness, and discharge of perirectal fistulas and abscesses (87%, p < 0.05). Other therapeutic goals that achieved 100% success were (a) healing or marked improvement of Crohn 's disease of the stomach and duodenum and (b) permitting surgery to be performed electively after 6-MP allowed margins for surgical resection to be delineated. The 6-MP was less effective in achieving the therapeutic goals of preventing recurrent small bowel obstruction (43%) and eliminating abdominal masses (55%).