chapter  4
Structural response to loads and imposed actions
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An important aspect is also how to define the stability limit state of the shell structure of a tank or silo, since there exist cases where the occurence of buckles does not automatically mean loss of stability in terms of an ultimate limit state. Buckling may cause collapse of the structure or it might only produce local deformations (“buckles”), which would merely affect the serviceability requirements in terms of a deteriorated


ultimate strength cyclic plasification

Fig. 3. Response of tanks and silos to filling load


Fig. 4. Response of tanks and silos to wind load


anchored tank collapse of roof structure


unanchored tank

uplifting —> cyclic plastification

Fig. 5. Response of tanks and silos to foundation settlements


bending of endring

Fig. 6. Response of tanks and silos to earthquake

appearance. Which applies in a special case depends on the detailed structural behaviour. Fig. 3 - 7 display a number of limit states and failure modes relevant to practical load-conditions, which could occur with typical tanks and silos.