chapter  44
Electrical Charaterization of Ferroelectric, Paraelectic, and Superparaelectric Thin Films
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Ferroelectric and high-permittivity dielectric thin films based on perovskite-type titanates are considered for integrated memory devices such as non-volatile ferroelectric random access memories (FeRAM) and ultra-dense dynamic random access memories (DRAM). An essential step within the development of these devices is the complete simulation of the memory chip in order to study and optimize all design and material parameters within the designated technology generation. While comprehensive device simulation tools exist for the standard silicon CMOS structures, the modeling of the new materials and their integration only started a few years ago [1]. This review will report on basic parameters which have to be taken into account set up a consistent model and will outline the present state of understanding of the underlying physics. As a reminder of definitions, Table 1 sketches some of the thin film material properties which are used to distinguish between ferroelectric (FE), paraelectric (PE), and superparaelectric (SPE) behaviors.