chapter  10
Empirical analysis of the fracture process in high strength concrete loaded in uniaxial compression
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Abstract The fracture process of high strength concrete (HSC), submitted to uniaxial compres­ sion, is analysed by means of loading tests on cylinders under special closed loop control. Conclusions are drawn from axial and circumferential strain curves, cross sections of specimens impregnated with a fluorescent dye and visual observations. The evolution of the internal crack extension is revealed and it is shown that under stable progressive fracture, predominantly aggregate bond failure and crack bran­ ching occur with the cracks passing around the coarse aggregates. The onset of damage is explained in terms of elementary force transfer concepts and a volumetric damage parameter is introduced, Keywords : High strength concrete, Fracture, Strain-softening, Crack propagation, Closed loop testing, Stress strain diagram.