chapter  6
Advantages of bridge deck continuity
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Abstract Multispan bridg e deck s whic h ar e designed to provid e continuit y acros s the suppor t piers offe r a number o f advantages , both i n th e long-ter m performanc e o f th e structure, bu t als o i n simplificatio n o f th e severa l aspect s o f construction , an d reduced overal l constructio n costs . Thi s pape r outlines thes e advantage s an d gives examples o f comparativ e simply supporte d an d continuou s designs . Keywords: Dec k continuity ; reductio n o f joints; reductio n in dept h o f flyovers an d underpasses; reductio n i n lengt h an d height o f flyover an d approac h ramps; reduction o f bearings; constructio n depth ; pie r an d foundation savings ; securit y o f extra redundancy .