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Breeding for Hybrid Hot Pepper

Hot Pepper (Capsicum anrnium L.) commonly known as chilli in India, is mostly grown in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world as an impor-

tant vegetable and condiment crop. It is reported to be the native of tropical America (Thompson and Kelly, 1957). In India, its introduction is believed to be through the Portuguese in the 16lh century. Both sweet and hot pepper orig­ inated from Capsicum annuum. The pungency, red color, and oleoresin con­ tents in chilli are specially important for processed food as well as for export purpose. The pungency principle ‘Capsaicin’ in chilli is not only a digestive stimulant but also prevent from heart diseases and is curative for many rheu­ matic troubles (Reddy and Murthy, 1988).The coloring matter ‘Capsanthin’ and oleoresin content are particularly important for food and spice industries. The green chilli fruits arc valuable on account of their richness in vitamin A and C (Table 1).