chapter  12
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Building a HotSpot

As the reader should now understand, it is possible for established businesses to create additional revenue streams and for entrepreneurs to build a HotSpot w ithout a large capital outlay for expensive, complex network hardware. The previous chapter discussed the “run o f the mill” hardware necessary for the proper deployment of a small HotSpot. Turnkey solutions, however, provide an even easier method for HotSpot operators to deploy Wi-Fi service. That’s because most HotSpot-related solutions provide an inte­ grated group of functions and features, e.g. billing, security, and roaming and the provider offers them on a resale or revenue-sharing basis. Most offer the HotSpot operator (a/k/a “the reseller”) a very attractive proposition-10 to 40 percent margins depending on the location and the reseller’s sales and marketing efforts. Public access rates vary, but are beginning to settle to around $10 per day, depending on the venue’s property type and geographic location.