chapter  7
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Bolboschoenus (Ascherson) Palla

Plant 30-80 (100) cm tall. Rhizome creeping, with large (up to 3.5 cm) diam.) globose tubers. Stems single or more trigonous. Leaves linear, flat, 3-8 mm broad. Inflorescence umbellate, with central sessile spikelet cluster and lateral fascicles on peduncles of varying length. Sometimes peduncles not developed and then inflorescence compact. Spikelets oblong-ovate. Glumes brown. Perianth bristles 1-6 or lacking. Stigmas 2-3. Nut obovate, trigonous, convex-trigonous or planoconvex, 2.3-3 (3.5) mm long.