chapter  41
Incorporation of an Active Agent into a Biodegradable Cement: Encapsulation of the Agent as Protection from Chemical Degradation During Cure and Effect on Release Profile
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Because the rate of infection following total joint replacement surgery may be as high as 1 1% (2 ), it has been of continuing interest to minimize this by incorporating various antibiotics into the cement for slow release at the surgical site. Marks et al. (2), while investigating the re­ lease of oxacillin, cefazolin, and gentamicin from both Simplex and Palacos cements, found that the three were released more rapidly and for longer periods from the Palacos than from the Simplex cement, and in microbiologically active form. In a comparison of several bone ce­ ments, Wahlig and Dingeldein (3) confirmed the use of Palacos R for release of gentamicin, ob­ serving continuous release for over 5 years in clinical trials.