chapter  9
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Bedford cords and piques

In Bedford cords (BCs) the cords run down the fabric in warp direction and the fabric is covered by plain weave. Bedford cords are identified as ‘semicompound fabrics’ as more than one series of warp and more than one series of weft are used still forming single layer fabric only. These are characterized by

‘Sunken lines’ or ‘Fine Cut’ lines as if they are cut with a knife. Due to this fabrics are featured by cords which run parallel to warp. It can be recalled that in plain weave is modified by inserting two or more picks in the same shed (prepared from ply winding at pirn winding) to produce cord effects in warp direction. The same principle is observed in Bedford cords also. Between these sunken lines the cord ends or face ends float over one pair or alternate picks in the first cord and allowed to intervene in plain form in the second cord. Thus pairs of picks float in first cord and intervene plain in the second cord. This is known as principle of Bedford cords and the cross section justify the method.