chapter  2
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Classification of weaves and study of plain weave

Weave is defined as the order of interlacement of warp and weft and is represented on the point paper as fabric design. Every weave is specified by repeat size and any weave may be represented with more than one repeat. If one understands the requirements of a fabric, it is observed that a specific fabric designed for a specific end use call for a typical order and arrangement of interlacement and the corresponding material in warp and weft. In other words, specific applications demand certain conditions to be satisfied for weaving production. For example, a toweling fabric call for presence of floats, hallows and ridges with cotton as the material in warp and weft in coarser counts and low twist. Similarly, fabrics like chiffon or georgette call for high twisted fine count material made from cotton or polyester or nylon, etc. with special crepe surface in plain weave.