chapter  6
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Huck-a-back weaves

These are the special category of fancy weaves which are mainly intended for moisture absorption. Huck-a-back is one type of toweling fabric and is characterized by honeycomb effects as well in addition to rough surface. A huck-a-back weaving pattern, also known as huggabag, huck-a-back, huckabag or simply huck, is an old weave used for towels. The name ‘huck-aback’ may have been adapted from ‘hucksters’, known from around 1200 AD. Hucksters were pedlars and used to sell linens in markets, after carrying goods on their backs. According to literature review huck-a-back pattern produces a specific uneven surface which allows towels to absorb water better and dry off quicker. Many derivations of the huck-a-back weaving pattern have been found in folk weaving, especially in Germany and Scandinavia. Huck-a-back towels would not take up as much space in wardrobe as conventional cotton towels.