chapter  14
22 Pages

Transport Properties of Solids

WithJavier E. Hasbun, Trinanjan Datta

Our technological revolution relies heavily on our knowledge of electrical conduction in solids. In this chapter the authors utilize a Boltzmann transport equation formalism to develop a conceptual framework to treat the electric and thermal conduction behavior. They also discuss the physics of thermoelectric behavior such as the Seebeck effect, Thomson effect and Peltier effect. The authors derive the Boltzmann transport equation that will allow reader to obtain the non-equilibrium distribution function that can describe transport properties. However, the relaxation time approximation provides a simple approach to recover some relevant information regarding the transport properties. The authors focus on a couple of basic conceptual frameworks. In framework A, they have theories such as Drude conductivity, Kubo formalism, and the Boltzmann equation approaches. In the second framework B, the authors have the Landauer theory of transport, a conceptual framework for analyzing transport in nano- or meso-scopic systems.