chapter  8
Regulation of Private Sector Involvement in Solid Waste Collection
Pages 39

The analysis of productivity and quality of service of the companies was

presented in chapter 6, and the influence of capacity on performance of

companies was presented in chapter 7. This chapter presents the results of

a survey of 25 companies and key informant interviews. This chapter fo-

cuses on the contracts, regulatory mechanisms and the regulatory capacity

of the local government, and analyses the influence of regulation on the

performance of the companies. These regulatory mechanisms are the ac-

cess to information, regulation of user charges, and regulation of service

quality. The research question this chapter seeks to explore is: How do

regulation mechanisms and the extent of adherence to contractual rights

and obligations influence private sector performance? It is hypothesised

that adherence to contract obligations and regulatory rules provide incen-

tives for cost recovery and better service quality.