chapter  4
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Compositions for decorative finish and protection of packaging products

Aqueous dispersions of polymers are the most promising class of film formers in paper and printing industries, applicable for fabrication of protective and decorative coatings on packaging products.

The use of polymers’ aqueous dispersions has a number of advantages as compared with solutions of polymers in organic solvents, making it possible:

• to eliminate the danger of fire and to decrease occupational hazards of work • to decrease considerably the power intensity of production and to eliminate the use

of heavy equipment • in a number of cases to achieve a higher quality of articles produced. Fabrication of polymer coatings for packaging products with a required set of proper-

ties is the final aim of using latexes or aqueous dispersions of polymers for finishing printing products. In this connection, of great importance is the quality of polymer coatings and the mechanism of their formation.