chapter  17
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Example of Software Change

Objectives ‰is chapter illustrates the phases of a software change that are parts of the process explained in the second part of this book (chapters 5-11). While reading this chapter, you will see an example of a complete software change that consists of the following phases:

◾ Finding the significant concepts of the change request ◾ Concept location by dependency search ◾ Impact analysis ◾ Actualization by creation of a new component ◾ Testing the changed code


‰e Drawlets application is a framework that supports drawing figures, including lines, rectangles, rounded rectangles, triangles, polygons, ellipses, text boxes, and so forth. ‰e figures have several attributes, such as size, location, color of the contour, and color of the filling. In this example, the framework is hosted by an application called SimpleApplet that displays the drawing canvas in a web browser window. ‰e toolbar buttons activate drawing tools that create or modify the figures. Figure 17.1 shows the SimpleApplet canvas with a selection of different figures. SimpleApplet has more than 130 classes and 40,000 lines of code.