chapter  12
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Functional Asymmetry in Hematopoietic, Immune and Nervous Systems

We report a series of three experiments that suggest that hemispheric dominance for paw preference is related to asymmetries in peripheral physiology. First, we report that bone marrow cells taken from the left femoral bone o f (CBA X C57B1/6) Fi mice are functionally more active in left-pawed recipients than in right-pawed ones. Second, we found that the brain asymmetrically interacts with the thymus lobes in the regulation of the humoral immune response. Finally, the intensity of Delayed-Type Hypersensitivity (DTH) inflammatory reaction in (CBA X C57B1/6) Fi mice depends on the functional asymmetry of regional lymph nodes and paw preference. These findings are discussed in the setting of the integrated Hematopoietic, IMmune, Endocrine and Nervous systems, i.e., the HIM EN system.