chapter  9
Dentoalveolar surgery for orthodontic treatment
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Orthodontic treatment is primarily concerned with the growth of the face, development of the dentition and the prevention and correction of malocclusion. As such, there is much that oral (and/or maxillofacial) surgeons and orthodontists can offer each other when treating patients, and very often a joint approach is necessary. Surgical

Aims for undergraduates and postgraduates 121 Learning outcomes 121 Introduction 121 General factors to be taken into account when orthodontic treatment is considered 122 Impacted or ectopic teeth 122 Infraoccluded primary teeth 129 Tooth transplantation 130 Frenectomy 132 Circumferential supracrestal fibrotomy 133 Single tooth osteotomy 133

techniques that may help the orthodontist include the following:

■ Removal of impacted or ectopic teeth (Figure 9.1).