chapter  31
Charles Brenton Huggins (1901-1997)
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Discovery in surgical investigation is vital to the enterprise, that is, to the progress and development of the surgical sciences. Charles Brenton Huggins (1901-1997) was a classical surgical investigator who clearly focused on advanc­ ing pure surgical knowledge. With work developed in his laboratories at the Uni­ versity of Chicago, on the hormonal treatment of prostatic cancer, he secured the Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine in 1966. Professor Huggins had a noble and incredible motto: Discovery is our business. This sentence reflected his deeply ingrained appreciation of discovery in the surgical arena.1 His students had to endure frequent questioning in regards to their discoveries each day. What did you discover today? the professor would ask his students. It was wise for him to ask since we need, seek and require a discovery every single day. Our attitude towards discovery is then vital to the enterprise.