chapter  11
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Simulation of Large Plants

In Chapters 4 through 8 of this book, a methodology to develop various types of models was discussed. These methodologies focussed upon a single process (e.g. a reactor separator and separator). A chemical or biochemical process consists of several such interconnected unit operations. Simulation of an entire process requires the integration of the models for individual processes into a single model for the entire process or plant. The steady-state simulation of large plants based on this kind of methodology is known as flowsheeting. A few brands of flowsheeting software used in the industry are Aspen Plus, Hysys, PRO/II, ProSim, WinSim and ChemCAD. A couple of open-source flowsheeting programmes, COCO and DWSIM, are also available, although they lack the rich library required to perform simulations. The current state of the art for process simulation has been reviewed by Stephanopoulos and Reklaitis (2011).