chapter  23
Stellar Clusters
WithPatrick Moore
Pages 9

Clusters and nebulæ are among the most striking of stellar objects. Several are easily visible with the naked eye. Few people can fail to recognize the lovely star cluster of the Pleiades or Seven Sisters, which has been known since prehistoric times and about which there are many old legends. The nebula in the Sword of Orion, the Sword-Handle in Perseus, Praesepe in Cancer and the Jewel Box cluster in Crux are other objects easily visible without optical aid. Keen-sighted people have little difficulty in locating the great Andromeda Spiral and the globular cluster in Hercules, while in the far south there are the two Clouds of Magallan, which cannot possibly be overlooked, as well as the bright globular clusters ω Centauri and 47 Tucanæ.