chapter  30
Telescopes and Observatories
WithPatrick Moore
Pages 10

Strictly speaking, an observatory is any place from which astronomical studies are carried out. It is even possible to claim that Stonehenge was an observatory, because there is little doubt that it is astronomically aligned. The oldest observatory building now standing seems to be that at Chomsong-dae, in Kyingju, South Korea; it dates from 632 AD. Later, elaborate measuring instruments were built by the Arabs and the Indians; some of these still exist, such as the great observatory at Delhi. In 1576 Tycho Brahe erected his elaborate observatory at Hven, in the Baltic, and used the equipment to draw up an amazingly accurate star catalogue. In the modern sense, observatories are of course associated with telescopes of some kind or another. A list of some great modern observatories is given in Table 30.2.