chapter  11
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Over the years developing a compliant and effective calibration program has proven to be one of the toughest hurdles. Compliance has also proven to be an efcient and structured prerequisite program providing a strong foundation for an effective and compliant food safety program. There are many parts to this program that must be identied, implemented, and maintained consistently. It is also an excellent example of a program that should not only be applied to food safety related equipment, but also include monitoring and measuring equipment that is used to “demonstrate conformance of product to specied requirements” (ISO 9001:2008 7.6). Equipment referred to as critical includes equipment that is used to verify food safety limits and also equipment used to conrm compliance to quality, regulatory, and customer requirements. It is essential to the overall process that this equipment performs to the degree of accuracy necessary to ensure that the product is within specication and meets the customer’s requirements.