chapter  1
Mechanics of Orthotropic Materials
Pages 34

This chapter provides the foundation for the rest of the book. Basic concepts of mechanics, tailored for composite materials, are presented, including coordinate transformations, constitutive equations, and so on. Continuum mechanics is used to describe deformation and stress in an orthotropic material. The basic equations are reviewed in Sections 1.2 to 1.9. Tensor operations are reviewed in Section 1.10 because they are used in the rest of the chapter. Coordinate transformations are required to express quantities such as stress, strain, and stiffness in lamina coordinates, in laminate coordinates, and so on. They are reviewed in Sections 1.10 to 1.11. This chapter is heavily referenced in the rest of the book, and thus readers who are already versed in continuum mechanics may choose to come back to review this material as needed.