chapter  9
Ceramic Membranes Technology: Current Applications and Future Development
Pages 44

This chapter presents a new insight into ceramic membranes applications updating the latest developments in this eld. Historically, porous ceramic membranes have been widely applied in microltration (MF) and ultraltration (UF) and more recently entered the nanoltration (NF) domain. These applications will continue to grow in the future due to important needs in water treatment, opening new horizons for membrane technologies based on both polymer and ceramic membranes. Interestingly, beyond the current porous ceramic membranes devoted to liquid ltration, new generations of microporous or dense ceramic membranes are going to develop for gas and vapor separation or biological and chemical catalytic reactors. In particular, much attention is paid to dense ceramic membranes fully selective for oxygen or hydrogen separation in view of applications in new technologies for power generation and catalytic membrane reactors working at high temperature.