chapter  32
Hollow-Fiber Renewal and Strip Dispersion Liquid Membrane Techniques: Application for Metal Separation, Recovery, and Wastewater Treatment
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Supported liquid membranes (SLMs) are also very effective for the removal and recovery of metal ions from wastewaters, as they are associated with simultaneous extraction and stripping. Maximum extraction and recovery rates are obtained due to high driving force of the targeted metal ions. From the last 5  years, hollow-ber-supported liquid membranes (HFSLMs) are being used effectively for the separation of various metal ions [1-3]. In spite of these benecial factors, instability and long-term performance of SLM and HFSLM are the important issue for industrial applications [4]. So, a new technique termed as pseudoemulsion-based hollow-ber strip dispersion (PEHFSD) system has recently developed for the removal of metal ions from aqueous solutions [5]. However, the emulsion liquid membrane (ELM) technique, in which extraction and stripping occur concurrently in a single operation, also allows removal and recovery of solutes due to high surface-area-to-volume ratios, but the problems of emulsion stability and membrane swelling have constrained their commercial potential [5].