chapter  20
The Study of Influence of the Teslar Technology on Aqueous Solution of Some Biomolecules
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Introduction Numerous experiments x the inuence of electromagnetic eld of certain frequency-amplitude ranges on living organisms. For instance, the magnetic eld with frequencies in the range 0.3 to 30 Hz and with the intensity that is comparable with the Earth magnetic eld can eectively inuence the living organism function. It is supposed that the mechanism of inuence should be connected with the parametric or Schumann resonance. e rst four harmonics of the Schumann resonance are known: 7.8 Hz ± 1.5 Hz, 14.5, 20, 26 Hz (±0.3 Hz) [1-3]. Two main mechanisms of the resonance reaction of the organism to a weak electromagnetic elds are well known. e rst one is the alfa rhythm concerned with the thought process; the second one, the parametric resonance of organs, or organ systems, could be responsible for primary human reception [4-6]. A number of physiological processes, such as the reductive-oxidative process in living cells, responsible for the oxygen input, oxygen transport, and so forth, could be taken into account in this case. e parametric resonance of biological tissue and surrounding medium could be also responsible for the medical action of the TC.