chapter  21
Kinetics and Mechanism of Paracetamol Oxidation by Chromium(VI) in Absence and Presence of Manganese(II) and Sodium dodecyl Sulphate
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Introduction Spectrophotometric determination of paracetamol in drug formulations has been the subject of several investigators [1-8]. Generally, the same principle, that is, oxidation of paracetamol by metal ion oxidants, has been used for the estimation of paracetamol. e ocial pharmacopeia [9] and Sultan [10] methods require a 60-minute reux period and 15 minutes heating of the reaction mixture, respectively. e main disadvantages of the Sultan method are that high concentration (6mol dm−3) of sulphuric acid and high temperature (80°C) are required for the oxidation of paracetamol by chromium(VI).