chapter  1
Virtual Instrument for Determining Rate Constant of Second-Order Reaction by pX Based on LabVIEW 8.0
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Ion analyzer is one of the most widely used analysis instruments in scientic research and practice. It is widely applied in biomedical, chemical, environmental protection, and other elds. Manual reading and processing data with traditional ion analyzer is not only cumbersome in operation process but also dicult to avoid personal error. e research about ion analyzer connected to computer has been reported in recent years [6]; however, the quantity is small, and the software is mostly developed in text-based programming language (e.g., C, Turbo Pascal, VB, and so on). e disadvantage of the text-based language is long developing periods, dicult maintenance, and expandedness. e VI of ion analyzer based on LabVIEW has not been reported yet. e VI of ion analyzer developed by authors is developed in graphical programming language-LabVIEW 8.0. It not only has friendly interface, easy operation, and expandability, but also can realize automatic slope, temperature, and positioning calibrations. e system has been applied to determine the rate constant of ethyl acetate saponication reaction when the LabVIEW program for determining the reaction rate constant by pX is embedded into the system. e authors have obtained satisfactory results.